Elula Apps
User Centric Website Development


  •   Website Design
  •   Automate Business Processes
  •   Data Filters: Graphs, Excel, PDF
  •   Responsive Design & Mobile Friendly
  •   Replace legacy excel spreadsheets with an online system

Recent Work


Elula Apps Founder

Nadeem Orrie

About: Elula Apps is a registered software company soley run by me. My core business is to create websites that automate business processes. The website functionality can include filtering data according to your needs and additionally allowing you to export it using graphs, excel or pdf. Accessible from anywhere in the world.

Experience: 10 Years programming experience in a corporate work environement. Preferred languages are PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS utilising MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle SQL databases. more ...

Qualification: BTech Degree, Information Technology, CPUT.

Social: Love to surf, hike, run, play squash, indoor soccer.